Unique Photography Effects

If you are looking for some unique photography effects to add to your photography repertoire, look no further. Prisms and fractal filters are such great tools to add to your bag. These items add blur, reflections, rainbows, and kaleidoscope-type effects to your images.

Fractal Filters are definitely a must have in your bag! These are super easy to use. Simply hold them up to your lens and snap away. In direct sunlight or flash yield amazing results. #ad These amazing little photography gadgets help create awesome effects but refracting light into a different angle altogether. Ideally you should use a lens of 40-100 mm with a fractal filter.

unique photography effects fractals

Another must have is a set of handheld prisms. With several different shapes like sphere, cube and pyramid the options are limitless as to what you can create! Super easy to hold them up to your camera lens and play with the angles until you find just the right angle for what you want. Sometimes this takes a few minutes to get exactly what you want, but it can payoff big with some super interesting images. Prisms also have the added benefit of creating rainbows of light if you catch it just right.

Definitely a few fun ideas to add to your photography gear bag and bring your next session to an all new creativity level! To check out more photography challenges, check out this blog post.

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