Senior Session Pitfalls…and How to Avoid Them {Pitfall 2-Rain}

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Senior Session Pitfalls…and How to Avoid Them

In South Louisiana, mother nature can sometimes surprise us. One of the pitfalls that happens occasionally during senior sessions is rain.  Even with the best laid plans (and weather apps), sometimes we have to battle showers during a session.  Here are a few supplies to pack if there is a slight chance of rain on the day of pictures.

An umbrella. Of course, it is functional but can also be used as an adorable prop! So make sure to pack a cute one.

Ponchos. Me and my team also have several on hand, but ponchos are essential to keep the client and my camera dry. We also use them to sit on if it happens to be wet or muddy from a previous rain.

Rain boots. One way to have adorable pics if it rains it to have adorable accessories to go along with your shoot. Rain boots are perfect for that. Also if it previously rained, bringing mud boots to walk around on location will keep your cute “photo” shoes clean and photo-ready.

lafayette la senior pictures

Plenty of hairspray and dry shampoo. With rain comes humidity. And with humidity comes frizzy hair. Using an extra hold hair spray or dry shampoo are great ways to combat frizz and damp hair.

Make the best of it. Sometimes crummy things happen and turn a perfect day into a not-so-perfect day. But if you have fun with it and dance in the rain, you might just have the cutest, most unique senior pictures EVER!

lafayette la senior pictures

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