Wedding Transportation

3 Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Transportation Providers

Are you in the process of planning a wedding? Choosing the right vendors for your wedding in New Orleans is hard! After all, unless you plan on doing everything yourself, the success of your event will depend on the vendors that will be at the wedding. In particular, your transportation is pretty important considering it gets you to the wedding day destinations on time and in a comfortable setting. Here are three questions you should ask transportation providers before booking them for your wedding to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. For more information, head over to

Have you provided transportation to this venue?

There are a number of details that a driver has to think about when providing transportation during a wedding. Many venues have strict specifications about where vehicles can park, how long they can stay there, and where they can pick you up or drop you off. If they’ve never driven to your wedding venue in Louisiana, they could take up extra time trying to figure out these details. The last thing you want is to be late to your own wedding!

Is your advertised price the actual price, or are there extra fees?

There are a lot of shady tricks that certain companies in the transportation industry tend to pull. One of them is advertising a super low price that is often too good to be true because they end up adding in things like charges for fuel, mileage, tax, and tip to the driver. Be sure to be clear about knowing the actual price when you’re booking transportation!

Are we able to come see the vehicle before we put a deposit down?

We all know that looks can be deceiving on the internet. This is true when it applies to photos of vehicles, as well. It would be awful to be disappointed with a dirty or damaged vehicle on one of the most important days of your life. It’s very important that you make an appointment for a viewing so you know what to expect!