Exciting session at Jungle Gardens

Today we are featuring this stunning red-head, Erin. She is the younger sister of one of my first clients. I absolutely love getting to meet younger siblings and watch them grow into lovely young adults.

Erin picked Jungle Gardens on Avery Island for her senior session. It was a super gorgeous March shoot, although pretty humid. Apparently, spring is hopping for all the wildlife out there. There were alligators on the road, tons of birds and of course, mosquitoes.

One of the funniest moments from Erin’s session was during her set where she lays in a field and I photograph her from above. As she was laying there, buzzards started hovering all around us in the sky. Lots and lots of buzzards. Erin starts hollering at them “I’m still alive!!! Go away!” It was hilarious.

I just love how Erin picked blue, gray and white tones for her outfit. It allowed her gorgeous red hair to really stand out. My favorite outfit was absolutely her white long dress with ruffle top. Wowzers it looked amazing paired with her skin tone, red hair and green backdrops. Hair and makeup was courtesy of Wendy Campbell. Check out some of the gorgeous shots and the highlight reel we took during Erin’s senior session.

Senior session memories