Hearts and Heels Fashion Show

The birth of the idea of a fashion show featuring my Four J Photography models was born several years ago. Last summer I approached the nonprofit organization Foster Friends of Acadiana about joining forces to bring our vision to fruition. They were ecstatic about the idea. I just knew who i needed as my co chair, real life fashion model and philanthropist Samantha Williams. She loved the idea and the ball got rolling very quickly. We partnered with The Dress Diaries, Suite B, Jeanne Claire Designs,and Marcella boutique to feature some of Acadiana’s BEST fashion entrepreneurs. We hosted our event at the Ballroom of Broussard and was sponsored by Raising Canes. Check out the amazing images of the show by TJ Shufflin Photography. Our first inaugural event raised $3600 for Foster Friends of Acadiana.

Here’s looking forward to next year! Class of 2020, get ready to become an exclusive member of the runway show as a Four J Photography Senior Model!

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